Topo Athletic Runventure 2 Review

We've all been there: When our favorite shoe is pulled from the line and discontinued. It's devastating. This happened to me when the Topo Athletic Runventure was pulled. I love all the Topo Athletic trail shoes, but this was my pride and joy. Then they announced a Runventure2 and all was right with the world again.

In fact, in my trail running world, everything got even better.

A leaner rock plate, more traction, and a lightweight heal are just a few changes that make this the BEST trail shoe in the Topo Athletic line.


  • 9.2oz/7.4oz weight (male/female)

  • Stack height: 19mm heel/19mm toe

  • Total drop: 0mm

  • Optional attachable gaiter ($20.00 USD)

  • $110.00 USD

The Upper

The upper is huge upgrade from its predecessor with being far more breathable, while still containing overlays for abrasion and water resistance. The laces are completely different than the standard shoe, thin and flat.

Another notable difference to this new shoe is the change in ankle collar. Taking a page out of the ST-2 book, it's collapsible which makes this a great trail shoe for those with Achilles woes.

The Midsole (Stability/motion-control)

The rock plate put into the midsole means a more motion controlled shoe, but it’s thinner than the Terraventure or Hydroventure plate, allowing the shoe to remain lightweight.

The heel counter has zero cushion, which I absolutely adore. It means less weight (especially when wet), far less chances for rubbing on the Achilles, and makes this shoe more true to size than the more cushioned-heeled models.

The Outsole/Traction

The outsole first debuted on the Topo Terraventure, which was designed for Leadville 100.

The multi-directional lug design allows for more control on the uphill and grip on the downhill. Don’t be fooled by the platform height.

Yes, it’s the leanest platform of the Topo Athletic trail shoes, but the forefoot rock plate keeps the shoe stiff on the feet, making you less likely to bruise the foot on a branch or rock. This is a slight change from the original Runventure that at a full rock plate and a 2mm drop. We won’t complain about extra protection for the feet, and it’s still one of the lightest trail shoes on the market, despite its rigid nature.


The shoe laces. I know that’s silly, but they are short and lean. This is a GREAT thing for most that don’t want long, thick bouncing laces. It also means less weight added when they get wet; but I am a weirdo that can never seem to keep shoes tied, even with a quadruple knots (yes, really). I will be swapping out the laces for a bungee style lace anyway, but if you struggle with the bunny ears like me, these laces may bug you.

**Disclosure: I am a Topo Athletic Ambassador, although they do not pay me or require me to write positive reviews. Feel free to use PlantPowered10 at checkout for a discount on any shoe at

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