The Gift of Time

"I would love to, but I don't have the time."

As an American, I'm well aware that the idea of losing some "freedom" can cause anxiety in many.

Maybe it's time to see less of the freedom taken away, and more of the freedom given.

You've been given the gift of time. More time freedom to do with as you please.

Organizing the pantry, de-cluttering closets, cleaning out the car, yoga, a push-up challenge, meal prepping, organizing photos on your home computer, hitting 10k on the step tracker daily, playing a game with your kids consistently, calling that family member, finally doing that puzzle you bought three years ago.

The world has been in a panic for a week now, as restrictions are tightening and more people begin self-isolating. We've hit a point where it's time to hold yourself accountable.Can you remember all the things you were referencing when you used this phrase in the past year?

Start writing that list. (Save my template for your weekly checklists. Add games to play, obscure items to clean, recipes you've been meaning to try, workouts you told yourself you would do as a resolution. I have the PDF form if you would like it. Just ask here or on Facebook.)

Look around your space. You have spent how many years working to acquire all of the things, and now you actually have been given the time to use, clean, organize them. To enjoy them.

You have TIME to spend with your kids, to color, to organize whatever it is that you've been putting off. This is a vacation from your normal, crowded, overly-scheduled lives and the chance for more freedom to manage your time the way YOU want.

Consumers in the United States spent roughly 3.86 billion dollars on fitness equipment for home use (in 2018, source here).

Well, we're all at home now. It's time to make use of that equipment you have purchased over the years.

I'll help. I'll begin compiling lists of different resources of yoga channels, at-home work outs, meal prepping and posting them on the blog or on my facebook page. My Pinterest account ( ) already has boards for different recipes, workout ideas, etc. I'll continue adding to them.

You wanted more time. Or did you just use time as your scapegoat for not doing all those things?

Let's utilize the time we're given. We don't know how much of it we'll have left.

Go wash your hands.

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