Spring Gear Favorites

A lot of us are golden in summer and winter for what to wear when running. Extreme temperatures are easier to work with because it's all or nothing.

But what about those in-betweeners? When it's above freezing, but not by much?

As a Pacific Northwest native, I know this answer well: LAYERS!


Still, it's hard to know what works and what doesn't. In the PNW we rarely hit extreme temperatures, so year-round running is often that in-between stage of awkward clothing choices.

After doing my time and paying my dues in frozen fingers and overheated legs, here are some of my tried and true favorites for spring running.

Soles for the Soul

Topo Athletic Runventure 2

What I love:

They are lightweight, drain water immediately, and dry quickly. Rainy spring runs are inevitable, but these have a quick turnaround to hit the trail again. The outsole (bottom/lugs) are multidirectional and deep, making the grip outstanding on slick up and down hills.

For a more in-depth review, read my review on the ins and outs of this shoe coming next week.


Holloway Artillery Jacket

What I love:

The angled zipper line is incredible, as it never causes a bouncing zipper or hood (I REALLY hate bouncing hoods). Zippered, well-tailored pockets mean safe storage with little bounce as well, and the material is perfect for temps between 30-50 degrees (Fahrenheit). Who doesn't love a thumb holes?

Running Tights

Lululemon Fast and Free Tight 7/8

What I love:

These feel like butter when I put them on, and the unfinished bottom doesn't dig in as I pound out the long runs and swell. The material is magic, making me never overheat nor feel cold. The reflective details are great for road runners.

Hands on it

Cotton gloves, any brand

What I love:

I have owned running gloves from every brand under the sun, but always come back to basic cotton in the cool temps. They keep the hands warm-ish but don't overheat, so I never need to take them off and carry them. Cotton gloves wear more quickly than the brand-name running gloves, but they also are, like, 3 bucks. So...

Hair Fix

Lululemon Bangbuster

What I love:

Headbands rarely stay on me, and it's too easy to overheat via the head when running. I love this one to keep my ears protected from a cool wind without adding much weight or warmth. The wider band means no sliding, and if you're an earbud wearer, they will sit comfortable underneath.

Just in Case

Rock Tape Blister Kit

What I love:

A new addition to the Rock Tape line, these pack easily in the car, day pack, or even in a pocket. It's easy for the rain to cause unexpected rubbing, even with the best shoes and socks on. This is a quick fix to have on the ready so a blister doesn't wreck your run halfway through.

Whether you're a fan of the damp runs or loathe them, they must be done! Get out and play, just make sure you have the right gear to power you through without discomfort.

Please note that, while Lululemon, Rock Tape, and Holloway sent me these items, they did not require me to blog about or praise them. That is of my own doing after plenty of testing. I am also a Topo Athletic ambassador, so feel free to use PlantPowered10 at checkout for a discount on shoes! Now, if "cotton glvoes" could sponsor me, that would be great :P

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