Really Good at Being Mediocre

My blog has been lackluster lately.

I've been lackluster lately.

Sometimes it feels like I don't have the "honor" or typing out my thoughts, feelings, experiences, recipes unless they are 100% perfect in every way.

Unless I can walk away from it and say, "YES! That's a winner."

But that's just not how we function in life, is it?

Not everyone was an A student, but we all still needed an education.

Not everyone crosses the finish line first, but so many others still race.

Not everything we do can be perfect, but that shouldn't mean we can't do them.

I woke up in 2020 and realized how much I put on hold because I didn't believe I was good enough.

Jobs for which I didn't apply because I was missing a single piece (Heck, even contracts I didn't accept because I felt I wasn't good enough, despite the offer). Races I didn't attend because I fell off the training wheel. Posts I didn't put up, because I felt the angle of the photo was just meh.

I'm tired of missing out on experiences, connections, learning out of fear of mediocrity.

I find the Tiktok app to be greatly inspiring in this department. There are so many ridiculous accounts out there, with nothing super interesting going on, not great video editing, no celebrity crud. And yet these accounts still have followers.

Raw is beautiful. In a very photo-shopped world, we tend to cling to raw a little bit more. Instagram trends show that more "authentic" accounts are gaining interest. (No, really. Less edited, less epic views, less celebrity stuff is gaining traction this year.)

I think that's what inspired me to try snowboarding this past season. I'm mediocre at skiing as is, but I figured, why not be the newbee adult on the ski hill? What do I fear? Being laughed at? I would rather be laughed at than be the nasty soul laughing at another human. So here I am, making a fool of myself in the most fun way possible, often running over my dog because she likes to be in the way. After all, we all wouldn't be such great runners, if he hadn't fallen multiple tines just trying to STAND as a baby. (Alright, some of us still struggle in both departments.)

What about you?

Can you write a list of things you want to do,

should do,

need to do,

that you know you won't be GREAT at doing?

I'm really good at being mediocre; and that's okay with me.

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