Triathlon Training Must-Haves

Whether you’re a newbie to multisport, or you’ve been doing this for years, there are always fun new toys coming out to make our training better. Year after year, I have upgraded things, changed nutrition, tweaked training plans, you name it.

These 5 things, however, have been part of my training (and racing) since I started. I have ventured out briefly, and always returned quickly. Some things just can't be upgraded. Here are a few of my favorites for triathlon training!


When it comes to training, I like organization. Think: Monica from Friends bordering Leslie Knope organization. This training log book is great for that. It wouldn't be ideal for those that focus more on strength training; but it's GOLD for us cardio junkies! I have dabbled with other log books, but this one just has everything that I want, laid out exactly how I want it.

Extra Notable: Something I especially love is that it encourages you to mark how you're feeling that day (sore, fatigue, stressed, etc) and your general nutrition. When you go back to check out your previous weeks' works you may find patterns with cramps, fatigue, soreness, etc that you might have otherwise missed.

You can find this spiral bound training log here for about $7.00USD


I have been using this specific model (2.0, polarized) of goggles since day one of triathlon training.

They are comfortable and come in fun colors (you can even customize yours online). I have never had an issue with the seal letting water through and the goggle eye lines (holla, raccoon eyes) only occur on my extra long swims. I own other goggles from random times, but they are only ever back up pairs, as my go-to is tried and true.

They run about $30.00, but my first pair (which are these here because America) is still holding up strong at 8 years in.

The only reason I have bought a couple more pairs of this goggle is vanity. (I like mixing it up with pretty colors mmmk?)


Okay, okay. I originally started out using Trigger Point, but when I connected with Topo Athletic, they sent everyone an Acu ball, and it’s been part of my recovery since! They also make a few other great recovery gadgets (I use the mobility bands quite a bit), but the level 1 ball is the thing I will travel with, use almost daily, and keep in my living room (it's basically part of the decor there).

Extra Notable: this fella is different from other balls because it has a flat side. This is AWESOME since it means it doesn't roll away from you, slip out from your foot or glute, and can easily stay against the wall while you work on those more awkward spots (looking at you, shoulders).

At less than $25.00, the investment in something that won't need replacing is easily worth it. Find the level 1 ball, and other fun training tools, here.


When I joined Moxie Multisport (team) we were given some discount codes, so I decided to try out Speedfil. I fell in love and immediately bought a second. Many younger triathletes (in experience,

not age) fear the concept of drinking while riding fast. Speedfil is great for that! It’s a hands-free style bottle, built for any kind of TT, roadie, or Mountain bike.

There are several different systems, so prices vary depending. Find them all here, with detailed explanations so you can choose what's best for you and your bike!


This is another gem I found via my old Moxie team and I use it for any kind of training. I enjoy evening work outs, and often instruct evening classes at the gym, but my legs struggle to wind down after a sweat session. long days on my feet, races days, or stress will also keep my legs restless, but I have found that RĒKÜVR greatly improves my sleep quality on these times, and helps my legs calm freaking down. I never struggle with cramping (charlie horses) when I’m diligent with supplementing in the evenings, and it can be a tool to take the night before a race as well (helps mellow the pre-race jitters many of us get).

The price tag isn't cheap (rolling in at $40.00), but what quality supplement is? Plus, if you sign up your email, you can take 25% off. Find RĒKÜVR here, and check out their energizer powder (an honorable mention). You can also find my full review of their entire product line here.

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