Flossing for Fitness

Starting to hear this word around the gym more and wondering what the heck it means?

Knowing what flossing is and how to use it effectively can increase your recovery time, boost your blood flow circulation, and improve your overall mobility.

Floss is a long, rubber, stretchy band used to wrap and apply universal compression to a particular area of the body.

Why use flossing techniques?

Alleviate Stiff Joints

Usually caused by inflammation and swelling (overuse or age related), stiff joints do well with increased blood flow to the area, and promotion of lymphatic drainage.

Wrapping the floss around the stiff joint, putting it through a full range of motion (ROM), and releasing helps "flood the gates" with new blood, flushing out scar tissue and other junk that foam rolling hasn't been able to pinpoint by itself. This technique has shown to help with tendinitis, bursitis (I can vouch for that), arthritis, as well as just overuse stiffness.

Improve Mobility

Flossing causes friction between muscle fibers to break up scar tissue, lactic acid, etc that has built up over time. When you wrap and put the joint/muscle through ROM with bands anchored on either side, they stretch everything in between that you have been missing.

When you release the band, a rush of blood washes through the muscle, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the area. This allows for growth and healing (great for after a heavy lifting day).

Wake up Muscles

We aren't all diligent with warming up before we hit the start line (or treadmill), but cold muscles can cause tears and strains, leading to injury or scar tissue build-up. Floss to wake up muscle groups that take a little longer to warm, or have a tendency to cramp more easily (calf muscles, anyone?).

Scared to attempt without instruction?

Check out Acumobility Floss Videos for some easy demos of major muscle groups to floss.

Most importantly, know what you SHOULD NOT FLOSS vs what you should!

I am an ambassador and believer of Acumobility's floss, with which they provided me.

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