Missed Training Fix

You RSVP'ed to months of training and then was a no-show, or 3.

I missed a day because work got busy.

I missed a couple days because of family obligations.

I missed a week from being sick.

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We've all been there. We stick to our training plan like it's our religion to be faithful towards, until something unexpected pops up and it bumps us around.

Enter: Guilt.

Don't beat yourself up. Part of life is adjusting to bumps in the road.

So what do you do?

You missed 1 day

Skip that workout and move on. In the big picture, missing a single training day or hill sprints or a long run isn't going to wreck all your hard work, but trying to double up on a day to make it up could put you at risk for injury.

Let it go, forgive yourself, move on.

You missed 2 or 3 days

Let those lost workouts go and resume at your scheduled training day, HOWEVER only do 50-75% of the day you're on. Resume normal volume after that initial day back .

This is to ease you back and wake the body back up to the plan. Muscle memory is beautiful thing.

You missed 5 days

Do the last two workouts you missed, but only 50% of it (ex: If it was an hour run, do 30 minutes). Then do 75% of your next workout. You may lose a rest day, but it'll set you back on track after a week or so, assuming you have appropriate rest days scheduled.

You missed a week or more

Rethink your training goal timeline.

If you missed an entire week of 5k training, you may need to bump back your 5k goal to a later race.

This isn't a bad thing, it's just life. We have a plan A, B, C...

If you're looking at a longer training plan, say 16-24 weeks, then you may be able to chuck out that missed week or two, start back on the plan at 50%-75% and then be back on track within 2-3 weeks, with extra sleep and epsom baths. A bad cold can take out an athlete easily. Make sure during this time of catch-up that you're upping the recovery vitamins to help your body adjust back to the program.

What's the longest you've missed on your training plan, without it severely affecting your race game?

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