4 Weeks to a Disgruntled You!

Scrolling through "fitness" on Pinterest last night had me ready to throw my tablet across the room. (I would never do that to you, Windows Surface. Never. I promise.)

19 out of 20 pins were about a newer, better me in _____ weeks.

Better butt, 4 weeks.

No arm flab, 16 weeks.

6 minutes, 5 times a week, 12 weeks, for better abs.

What is it about these concrete numbers that we are so drawn to?

1. We have no idea where most of them came from. For all we know, some bored kid grabbed a bunch of workouts and made a pretty cover picture for it. Rarely are these linked to an accredited fitness expert.

2. While we can work on pointed areas of the bod to build muscle, there's no spot reducing; so something saying you'll lose ___ inches or lbs from a specific area of the bod? Nope. Not so much.

3. Diet goes with exercise when it comes to slimming down. If you believe you can continue to eat pizza nightly and just do some bicep curls to magically have Beyonce' arms, you're a liiiiiittle off your rocker.

So what happens when we do a million squats a week for a better, leaner butt and that doesn't occur? Feelings of failure, frustration, hopelessness ring any bells?

Okay, so, let's recap here:

->Susie sees Pinterest pin on getting a better butt.

->Susie pins and may or may not actually commit, stacking up a ton of wishful "one day..." pins to make herself feel crappy every time she sees them and does't do them.

->Susie now, FINALLY, commits to a BS pin about butts.

->Susie's butt doesn't change.

Aaaaand disgruntled.

Now Susie feels like crap, is annoyed this CLEARLY legitimate pin didn't help her achieve her goals, and she stops believing anything else could. It then crushes the belief that other, scientifically created programs, could be helpful.

Les Mills, Beachbody, run coaches, etc. Companies and people that have so much backing and focused science to their programs end up seeming absurd and a waste of time to Pinterest pinners that half commit to some made up monthly challenge to pretend to do with friends.


It's time to go delete those pins from your Pinterest. To let go of the assertion that these could actually be commitments that you will make and they will work. Don't spend 6 weeks of half-hearted commitment leaving you disgruntled and jaded.

Love yourself and body enough to not let some made up workout online ruin your self-esteem. Or at least promise yourself you won't resort to face workouts.

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