Happy Hips Yoga

The Adductors do a lot for our run and cycle game, but we forget to stretch our hips and feel the wrath later on. Weak or tight hips can cause knee pain and injury, pulled groin muscles, hip aches, etc.

Have some odd pains in the legs or posterior chain that you can’t figure out how to fix? Maybe it’s time to give the hips some love.

Try fitting these three yoga pose after your sweat sessions. 5 minutes of stretching can be your best friend in avoiding injury.

Don’t let them fool you.

You think it’s no big deal until 30 seconds later it feels like you’ve been there contemplating your life choices for years. Take another deep breath. You got this.

Om with me.

Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Supta Baddha Konasana


  • Gravity does the work. Your body knows when to stop, so don’t push it unless you know your bod can handle it.

  • Feet should be flat against each other.

  • Hands can be on belly or stretched above the head for additional lengthening.

Low Lunge/Lizard Pose

Utthan Pristhasana


  • Don’t stress the forearm reach. If you can’t hit the floor yet, go with high fiving the ground ( palms to the ground, but being positive sounds cooler).

  • If the legs are too tired, drop the active leg to the knee. You may have just ran 50 miles. It’s okay to give them a break.

  • It’s easy to want to let the head hang, but keep it neutral. Hanging can cause undo stress on the cervical spine. Don’t be lazy.

Fire Log Pose



  • This can be an intense pose on the hips. Who knew sitting could be so brutal? Gently guide the top knee down, as it tries to pop up.

  • Think of the twerk, popping the bum out a tad and straightening the back to elongate the spine as you lean forward an inch. Twerking in yoga. You’re welcome.

  • Flex the feet. Do it. You don’t want to. Too bad.

Take care of your hips. They can help and hinder your run game!

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