Vegan Q&A, Part 3

This installment gets more honest and less jokey.

I'm not one to preach about my diet and lifestyle, but if you ask me certain questions, I'm going to give you specifically opinionated and research-backed answers.

Some great questions and a couple annoying jokes later, let's do this.

5. But what about bacon?

The bacon jokes have to end. You think you're being funny, but you're not. To most vegans, it genuinely HURTS or enrages us to be hit with this question or jokes.

You like the taste of bacon. Who doesn't like the taste of salty fat?

This huge trend of "everything tastes better with bacon" was actually created during the pig shortage a few years ago, when farmers banded together to make it a popular "thing" so that the high prices from the shortage wouldn't deter people from buying pig products.

In other words, your current obsession with bacon happened because you succumbed to the clever marketing of pig farmers, not because you suddenly decided it was the most incredible thing on the planet.

Reasons NOT to eat bacon?

-It's horrible for your heart health, in a world where cardiovascular diseases rank as the top killers for 15 years running.

-Call domesticated pigs on farms paleo-friendly all you want, there is zero evidence that pigs were hunted and eaten by humans during the paleolithic era.

-They harbor many parasites and diseases that can be transmitted to humans, cooked or not.

-Study after study, pigs outsmart and out-train any other domesticated animal. This includes dogs and cats. Would you eat Fido? Then why do you think it's weird I wouldn't want to eat an animal smarter than Fido?

-Pigs and humans have remarkably similar DNA. This is a big reason scientists use pigs as test animals.

-Pig skin is one of the closest animals to human skin.

Calm down with the jokes, Hannibal Lector, and grab some bacon alternatives (here's a great list!). Or just stop looking at me weird for not wanting to eat such an intelligent and fatty creature.

4. How do you eat at meetings or at restaurants?

This is a valid concern, so I'll be honest.

It can be a pain in the butt.

Most restaurants will have two things for us: salad and fries.

Outside of that, you might be screwed for the night.

It never hurts to ask, though. The more restaurants hear of vegan/vegetarians, the more they will consider adding options to the menu. Just be polite. It's not the servers choice to screw you over with a meaty menu.

Want to know how to navigate a restaurant or choose a restaurant? Keep a look out for a blog post soon!

If work has meetings, let them know ahead of time of your dietary restrictions. If they work around GF people, they most likely will work around vegan needs as well. That being said, you may have to get used to just bringing your own meals to meetings.

Reality of life: It's not everyone's job to cater to our lifestyle, even though it's fantastic when they do.

3. Don't you miss all the flavors? Vegan seems so bland.



Let me answer this question with a meme.

2. I take b-12 but energy is still low. Help?

Check your iron and magnesium levels. If you're super active, vegan or not, these levels can slip under and you may require more.

Almonds in a kale salad with a citrus vinaigrette.


Say, "hello!" to more energy!

If you have restlessness after going heavy in the gym, try taking a calcium/magnesium supplement before bed. You'll recovery well and sleep a little better. I love GQ-6 Rekuvr.

1. Why is refined, basic, white sugar not vegan?

Most of the time refined white sugar is processed with bone char from animals (to make it white). Grabbing the organic/unbleached cane sugar, or coconut sugars will help avoid this.

While you're not actually eating animal, it was processed with animal by-product, so not vegan. Vegetarians tend to give some leeway for this sort of stuff.

Also, it's just crap for you. That's why you'll see many of my recipes using agave or maple syrup instead of refined sugars.

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