Stop Saying This to Your Fitness Instructor

There are some things fitness instructors hear and it's equivalent to nails on the chalk board.

We get it. You have areas you want to improve, areas about which you're insecure, classes you judge or are scared of, etc.

We're with ya! Instructors go through those same highs and lows. Might we suggest avoiding these words in the future?

1.“Make me skinny!”/“Get me in shape!”

It’s like the moment people find out we’re trainers or instructors, they think we are dying to fix

their insecurities for them and for free. If the individual hasn’t taken steps to make that happen before meeting us, we can’t push them to take those steps. And we also do this as a job because we love it, but still have to make SOME income off of it.

It’s not our burning desire to make everyone skinny and fit for fun. It’s our desire to build a welcoming, like-minded community of people wanting to better themselves while lifting others up and relieving stress in the process. Sorry, stranger in line at Starbucks. I don’t have time to build you a personalized wellness plan out of the kindness of my heart; but please come check out my gym classes!


We hear this. A lot. Often at places where we’re stuck, like the hair salon.

Let’s be clear:


We don’t care how strong you used to be or how skinny you used to be. We don’t care how out of shape you are right now because of your thyroid.

When we aren’t in the gym, we aren’t going around judging people for their sizes or activity levels. And when we are in the gym, we only care about pre-existing conditions for safety’s sake.

Every group fitness instructor knows that every single individual is on his/her own health journey, and we just want to be a part of that. We want to make you fall in love with exercise, whether you stay the exact same weight, gain or lose.

We promise.

We’re not judging your weight. Stop being so hard on yourself.

3. “Do you do Crossfit/Zumba/Barre? Don’t you think…”

Every group fitness class has its place, and yes, Crossfit is group fitness. Most instructors make a point to visit other classes and experience the full spectrum of group fitness. It helps make us more knowledgeable when asked questions by participants. That being said, we certainly have favorite classes and classes we don’t think are great for the general public.

Please don’t ask us to gossip with you. We don’t want to bad-mouth other class formats, when we’re just happy that people are getting up and off the couch!

4. "I would look that way, too, if I were your age."

Don’t say this to anyone, not just instructors.

It’s rude. Instructors work HARD and can often overwork themselves. They look the way they do because of diet and exercise. You had a chance when you were younger, and maybe you did or didn’t look that way.

Ultimately, it’s not about how we look. It’s about YOUR health and self-esteem.


Stop knocking yourself down and trying to knock our efforts down with you.

5. “How can I tone _______ ?”

How many times do we have to tell you? There’s NO such thing as spot reducing. Cardio and strength training will tighten up everything you want (most complaints are on the arms. Do tricep work, ladies. Triceps.) and proper diet will help mold the rest. Everyone has an area they struggle with the most, and areas that naturally bulk up or slim down. Bodies are very different and finicky that way.

Ultimately we aren’t here to get you a single kickass muscle. We’re here to get you in overall better health, happy attitude, positive community, and relief of some stress in your life.

Moral of the story?

Stop loathing yourself, using others as excuses, and holding unrealistic expectations. Get your butt to whatever fun gym class works for YOU and realise that everyone is in the same boat; and the fitness instructor is stoked to be leading the charge!

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