Resistance Band Moves You Should Be Doing

What's so great about resistance bands?

They can be packed and travel anywhere for a mobile workout.

Unlike dumbbells and barbells, resistance bands work variable (as oppose to constant) resistance. Variable resistance is designed to achieve maximum muscular involvement whereas constant has the inability to train effectively against gravity (think of how much happier you are on the extension of a bicep curl than the flexion when using a dumbbell).

What's so great about THESE moves?

They are multi-muscle moves. Why work one muscle group at a time, when you can work several at a time with just as much effectiveness? The fact is, when you go running or swimming you aren't using a single muscle group, so why strength train that way? Compound movements are more realistic to translate into every day life. Plus, it cuts the workout time drastically by knocking out several groups at once.


Variable resistance training can cause some extra strain on the elbow joint with the changing tension, so be wary of form and range of motion if you have elbow issues.

The Moves

1. Squat Core Twist


- Strengthens quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, obliques, overall core, deltoids

- Focuses on hip control and imbalances (important for runners)

- Realistic move for every day use (a common way people through their backs out)

How to make it easier?

Grab a less resistant band or go more shallow in the squat. You can also wrap the band around a pole or tree for stability to help perfect your squat form.

2. Reverse Lunge Press


- Strengthens upper chest, upper back, deltoids, triceps, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps

- Balance work

- Core control work

How to make it easier?

Don't do the move simultaneously. Step back into the lunge, lunge, then press. Release the press, and then return to start position. It's okay to break it down. You're still getting the work in, it's just going to take a little longer for your sets.

3. Hip Thrusts


- Strengthens hip adductor, lower abdominal muscles, low back, obliques, hamstrings, glutes, calves

- Balances glute max and glute min

- Strengthens AND stretches hip flexors

How to make it easier?

Keep both feet on the ground, instead of lifting a leg with each rep. You can also alleviate some of the resistance.

4. Bicep Curl to Tricep kick-back


- Strengthens both muscle groups in one move

- Practices stabilizing and support the back

How to make it easier?

Alleviate some of the resistance or grab the less resistant band.

Put the band under one foot as oppose to two.

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