Day 5: Western Nova Scotia

August 9, 2020

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Warrior Dash SoCal

May 4, 2017

Warrior Dash is considered the "original" OCR dating back a year before Tough Mudder and Spartan Race to 2009, and it was quickly evident why Warrior Dash has lasted so long. The course was fun, but doable for all, the after-party is just that, and they were so attentive from start to finish.

I was in the area for a meeting and family/friends time so I decided to hop myself into this muddy dash.  



Location: Chino, CA

Length: 3.1 miles

Elevation: Relatively flat. Maybe a max of 50ft?

Note-worthy Obstacles


Goliath: The massive slide at the end is notable for those that just… really like slides. Always


placed at the finish line, you will be covered in mud at this point if you have managed to stay dry until this point (yeah. Right).


Pallet Jacked: A nice change that isn’t seen at Spartan Race, it’s a fun test of your balance and control, but you would be skilled to fall off this obstacle. It’s nearly impossible.


The Gear

  • Top: 2xu tech tank

  • Shorts: Lululemon speed short

  • Socks Swiftwick Aspires

  • Shoes: Inov8 X-talon 190s (my Topos were still muddy from SR San Jose)

  • Misc: Rock Tape H20 on the left ITB.

Festival Area

Warrior Dash knows how to treat their participants well. There’s no paying for parking or bag check, showers are chilly but not freezing and a better set up than other OCRs, changing rooms are spacious and NOT placed in mud, and the DJ is on point.


They clearly want people to stick around post-race for partying, with several vendors, rows of tables/chairs, several sets of corn hole, tires to flip, and things to climb on while you wait for friends or just socialize. Seeing a Warrior Dash festival area, other SR needs to step up.


One thing worth noting that is that you MAY go get your race shirt/hat before you actually race. This is nice for those that want to get that taken care of so you don’t forget post run.

Where they are lacking? As usual, vegan options were a no-go.

The Course

WD Socal was certainly a runner course. I can’t speak to all WD, but it was flat, well groomed, and double track at minimum to allow for easy passing of other racers. It felt more like a run with a few obstacles thrown in than an actual obstacle course race.


Obstacles cannot be failed, as with some OCRs. For example, if you fall off the rings at the Fisherman’s Catch, you just climb on the cargo netting to the end. No penalties.


Warrior Dash heavily utilizes cargo netting. You’ll climb on it, under it, through it.

Mud will be created if it’s not naturally occurring on course, as will water obstacles. This race isn’t about upper body strength. It’s clearly meant to be a fun run of muddy goodness.


Sometimes it’s not about pushing your limits, but just being in the fitness community. Warrior Dash Socal fostered that mentality.


As for me, I pulled a 10th place finish for funsies and am all set for OCRWC now. See you soon, Blue Mountain!




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