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Pickle juice, mustard, bananas are constantly brought up when discussing cramping during a race, because it ultimately comes down to hydration. Why fix a cramp during a race when you can prevent it, though? Enter: GQ-6.
I have specifically waited until I am no longer affiliated with GQ-6 to review them. I want all of my reviews to be as honest and unbiased as possible. The past two years I have been a part of team Moxie Multisport which has been powered by GQ-6.
This year I am a free agent and thus not connected to the company anymore; so I don't need to feel any obligation to talk them up or even write a review on them.
That being said, I had to write a review on them.
GQ-6 isn't just a hydration company.
It's a training partner focused on keeping you from missing a day. It's about the before, during, and most importantly, AFTER of each and every training session.
Let's break it down.
The current GQ-6 line includes four items:
The foundation of the GQ-6 system, 3:2:1 comes in three flavors: Orange, Green Apple, and Tropical Punch.
It is a carbohydrate/electrolyte mix with about 115kcal per scoop to keep you fueled without cramping. Maltodextrin, sucrose, and fructose are in this mix to make absorption fast acting without hitting you with a sugar side-stitch (of which are common for this triathlete). 3:2:1 contains more electrolytes than the industry standard sports drink, as well as the coveted BCAAs to keep you moving and recovering.
Basically, you can grab the 3:2:1 and nothing else, and be set to go for runs, rides, races, swims, hot days, and post workouts.

I am crazy about the Green Apple, and love that the flavors are subdued so you don't get sick of them. If you're an endurance athlete, you know how miserable sweet stuff becomes 3+ hours in. This won't be an issue, and is a huge reason 3:2:1 quickly won me over.

RĒ-FŪL Energy:
The Energy is a killer addition to 3:2:1 to create a hydrating pre-workout. It's tasteless, however, so you can throw it into anything if you have a favorite base drink. The energy boost comes from Taurine, caffeine, and L-Tyrosine. Beware that some people notice a crash when they take Taurine. I am not one of those people, and the 3:2:1 + Energy is my go to pre and intra workout drink.
RĒ-FŪL Endurance:
Endurance mix is also tasteless and meant to be added to the 3:2:1. It contains sodium, potassium phosphates, and CarnoSyn® beta alanine that are shown to help buffer lactic acid and improve oxygen utilization.
Personally, I haven't noticed a difference when using the endurance, but that's probably because I'm a major taurine junky and am all about the Energy + 3:2:1 mid workout. I suppose I should give endurance a chance to prove itself. Many of my old teammates swore by the Endrance + 3:2:1 to stave off leg fatigue.
RĒKÜVR Nite Time:
Rekuvr comes in pill form and uses a blend of amino acids, calcium, magnesium, and melatonin to help the body relax and recover overnight.
Rekuvr Nite has been a game changer for me. I often hit the workouts hard in the evenings, and can struggle with restless legs in the middle of the night. Since discovering this magic pill, I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling freaking AWESOME and ready to hit it hard again. Restless legs no more!
It's an unusual addition to a supplement brand, as most companies focus on pre and intra workout energy and hydration. This is where I feel GQ-6 proves its worth. It's not just getting you through your workout. it's keeping you on your training plan by day AND night.
Your System
The big take away for GQ-6 is that you can build for what you need.
3:2:1 + RĒ-FŪL ENERGY : Pre workout (or intra)
3:2:1 + RĒ-FŪL : Intra workout
3:2:1 : Post workout hydration/BCAA recovery
RĒKÜVR NITE TIME : Bedtime relax and recovery
I'm so grateful to Moxie for introducing me to GQ-6. Sports drinks and most electrolyte replenishers give me instant side stitches.
My touchy digestive tract simply can't handle a ton of fructose as once. GQ-6 has been the ONLY hydration system that my stomach can handle during runs without having to fend of the stitches, is veg friendly, doesn't have any additives or fake sugar that cause bloat (surprisingly common), and thinks about recovery.
If I'm running with a bottle or riding the bike, you can 100% guarantee I'm sipping on 3:2:1 (Green Apple)... and probably the RĒ-FŪL energy.
I hope you have a great hydration plan, especially as we enter warmer months; and if not, consider giving GQ-6 a try.

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