Plan for Planes

I am 100% guilty of hitting the airport and wanting all the cocktails, coffee, chips, and Redvines I can manage. It's as if I were suddenly at Disneyland or a movie theatre. Nope. Just travel. Travel is stressful and we often go into munchies mode.

But with racing being a major factor for a lot of us heading to the airport this spring and summer, there has to be some control over the bod for the sake of performance.

I'm by no means perfect, but I have certainly learned a few tricks over the years of travel that keep my cravings in check.

1. Run before you board

Yeah. It sucks. Especially when you have an early flight. But even a 10 minute run around the block at 3am will help make you feel like you're starting the day off successfully and you don't wanna blow it with crap airport food.

2. Protein/Fat for breakfast

Early flights can be tough to plan breakfast around, but there's a way and your bod will thank you for it! pre-make a breakfast burrito that you can eat on the drive, mash up avocado on whole grain toast, down some yogurt, make a heart peanut butter smoothie, etc. Protein and fat will help keep you feeling full and stave off cravings.

If you're a "coffee only" morning person, put a half tablespoon of coconut oil in your coffee. It'll fill you up more than you realise, give you energy, and keep the blood sugar levels stable.

3. Collapsible water bottle

No, you can't bring water through security, but that doesn't mean you should forego it either. And no, one dinky cup the flight attendant hands you isn't enough. Collapsible water bottles (like the Platypus I own) take up next to no space, you can fill it on the other side of security, and it'll keep you hitting your water intake for the day, keeping you less bloated and less cravy.

4. Salt it up

Are you a salty snacker, especially on the plane? It's often caused by dehydration, and can be nearly impossible to avoid once the craving kicks in. Just like with racing, start upping the water and electrolytes a couple days before the flight, and down an electrolyte replenishment beverage before boarding (I drink GQ-6 for races/training). Salt your own popcorn or nuts as a back-up snack, that way you know you're at least eating good salt and not preservatives when you give in to the need.

5. Pack your own sugar

Yup. Do it. If you are like me and desperately crave the candy and 30k feet (I blame it on being a kid traveler) then you may not be able to FIGHT it but you can ADJUST for it. Annie's gummy snacks, fruit leather, Lenny Larry protein cookies are all great options to feel like you're having treats without damaging all your hard race-prep work.

Travel is never easy on the bod, but there are a few ways we can combat the aches and cravings and the airport.

Safe travels this season, and may all your flights be on time!

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