Tearing Up in Terraventures

A Topo Athletic Terraventure shoe review

“Terra” is Latin for “Earth”. Earth-venturing seems very appropriate for this Leadville 100 Ultra inspired trail shoe. Its deeper lugs are built to cover more varying terrain than the other trail shoes in the Topo Athletic line, and its breathable mesh will keep the feet from overheating miles deep.

I often struggle with trail shoes because I like light-weight and breathable, but ankle control and slipping is always a concern. I think the Terraventures have found a good balance.

For a look at the shoe from Topo Founder, Topo Post, Click here!


  • 10.4oz/8.2oz weight (male/female)

  • Stack height: 25mm heel/22mm toe

  • Total drop: 3mm

  • Fully gusseted tongue

  • $110.00 USD

The Upper:

The upper is made of no-sew mesh. In fact, you will find only one seam on the entire shoe. Why does this matter? Because it means fewer threads to fail you and snap mid-trail run. Light overlays make the upper more water and abrasion resistant without adding much weight. The lacing system allows the midfoot to be snuggly fit into the shoe so that you avoid slipping feet on the downhill or blisters from too much back and forth over long trail runs/races.

A notable difference to this new shoe is the change in ankle collar. Its padding is thicker, making the ankles fit more snuggly in the shoe. I have found this to be more comfortable in the longer trail runs than the others in the trail line of Topo Athletic.

The Midsole (Stability/motion-control):

The rock plate put into the midsole means a more motion controlled shoe, but unlike the Hydroventures, it’s only in the front half. There is still quite a bit of flexibility to this shoe, similar to the MT-2/Runventure. The heel counter is stiff and well-cushioned for a comfortable Achilles and controlled ankle. This means you may consider going up half a size with the added cushion pushing the foot forward a tad.

The Outsole/Traction:

The outsole is a new pattern for Topo, with more prominent multi-directional lugs than its trail partners. Sharper, smaller lugs in the forefoot for more control on the uphill, wide, more spaced out

lugs for grip on the downhill. This shoe moves and bends with you similarly to the Hydroventures because of the TPU rock plate, but, again, we won’t complain about extra protection for the feet. If you’re looking for the most grip in Topo, this is the shoe. To extra test the Terraventure, I hopped along wet logs and through some sporadic icy areas. She’s a keeper.


The added weight (about 2oz heavier than the MT-2) is a factor for me, because I like the lightest weight possible on my feet. I would end up choosing this over the MT-2 for long trail runs, however, as the front rock plate and extra ankle cushion means a more long-lasting comfortable ride.

**Disclosure: I am a Topo Athletic Ambassador, although they do not pay me or require me to write positive reviews. Feel free to use TOPOSOLOMON20 at checkout for a 20% discount on any shoe at www.topoathletic.com

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