I'm Busy.

Last year, my girlfriend made her New Year's Resolution to stop using "I'm [too] busy".

I loved her thoughtful resolution. It made sense. It was about fixing a negative in her life, or at least being more cognizant of it. So I reflected upon that myself...

I hit the end of this year realising that I was "too busy" to get some things done that I wanted done.

I was supposed to run an ultra marathon this year. Where did that goal go?

Oh gosh, time just slipped away. I got too busy.

I was supposed to take both the actuarial exam and the GRE/GMAT. What happened?

Ugh. I was traveling so much and got too busy.


Super wrong.

All kinds of wrong.

My laziness outweighed my own personal goals. Personal, instant gratification of Facebook, TV, some fun travels outweighed long term goals for my success.That's ridiculous. Not only was that ridiculous, it hurt myself. I hurt myself by doing that.

Well crap. That's a bit eye-opening.

It's an easy phrase to say to blow off work, the gym, or friends. Rarely is it true.

How long did you spend watching TV in 2016?

How long did you sit on Facebook in 2016?

Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? Looking at cat videos? Ranting about Trump or Hillary?

How long did you spend thinking this or that would be AMAAAAZING to do/see/train for, and how much time did you actually spend doing, seeing, training?

How much time did you spend watching TV vs. how many times did you tell a friend you were too busy?

Why are you being a crappy friend? Because you've "been busy"? Is that really it? Or is it that your laziness outweighed your want to be a good one?

We use the phrase a lot. We use it to justify why we aren't productive, why we blow off relationships, and why we don't meet personal goals. It's a crappy excuse we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better about our lack of interaction, goal-meeting, overall success.

But the fact is that we don't get time back. We can always make more money, but we can't make more time.

I have never been a "resolution" person. I like goals over resolutions. But realising that I failed at some of my goals in 2016, maybe this is a resolution I should be tacking onto the goal list.

Maybe you should be tacking it on, too.

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