Vege Pro-7 Protein Powder

The magical protein powder.

The stuff that's suppose to simultaneously give us amazing buns of steel post-workout and taste like candy.

Ultimately, we are disappointed in most of them. If you take out all the powders that have fake sugars and artificial flavors (and you should, because that's not helping your bod at all. Don't work your butt off just to fill it with utter garbage.), and you take out all the ones with dairy in them (because you're not a baby cow that needs breast-milk), you're left with a selective few options that often taste like grass.

So there you have it. Either go with the stuff that will hurt your hard work or accept that your protein powder won't be tasting like candy.

Once you accept these terms, you can open your eyes to cleaner, better tasting stuff, like Vege Pro-7 (vanilla or chocolate).

What I like about it?

-It's vegan. Duh! :P

-It's not overly sweet, but sweet enough to bake with or throw in a smoothie.

-It has one of the smoothest textures you can get, especially for a vegan protein powder, which are often grainy and chalky.

-It does well being mixed with just water. I find this super important for traveling.

- 20 grams of protein means it's just the right amount. Everyone has different sensitivities with digestion and 20 grams seems to be a sweet spot for how much I can handle at once.

- With things like chia/pumpkin/coconut oil in it, it's also a great anti-inflammatory, which I find important post work out

Yes, many plant proteins aren't a "complete" protein. So what's in the Pro-7?

7 Organic Plant Based Proteins:

1. Organic, Bio-Fermented, Sprouted Raw Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein 2. Organic Canadian Hemp Seed Protein 3. Organic Chia Seed Protein 4. Organic Sprouted Quinoa Protein

5. Organic Coconut Protein 6. Organic Alfalfa Protein 7. Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein

Check out this delicious and easy recipe on the NCN blog for fudge cups using their chocolate powder!

Currently the product is only available in Canada, but I hope this changes soon. It's always great to see an ethical line of organic products and they aren't easy to come by!

Sweat on!

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