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My very first half marathon was the Holiday Half in Portland, Oregon. Halfway through the race I was feeling like the road runner in those cartoons: zippy, giggly, and like nothing could stop me! I was feeling so confident, in fact, that as I passed an aid station I wanted in the spirit with the rest of the runners and grabbed some seasonal flavored energy gel.

Cue spending the next two miles like a dog with peanut butter on its gums.

What sticky, gross mess of sugary cement in my mouth! I told myself I would never do that energy gel crap again… Then I found Hüma.

Let's get down to the point. Here is why this is the ONLY energy gel I will ever buy:


Hüma uses real ingredients, which means it tastes like what’s on the packaging rather than a science experiment or Halloween candy (no offense. Much respect, Halloween candy.). I like being able to grab a flavor and know I can trust that it’ll be exactly the taste I want from the label.


Hüma is made with chia seeds in them. Chia seeds soak up water, which makes them fantastic for, well, us ladies that have to pee the entire race. Chia helps retain water to keep you hydrated and lesson the potty stops.


PLEASE read the front and make sure you grab what’s best for you. I love both the caffeine filled and non-caffeine filled ones, but I have to be careful about when I take them. I love the chocolate one pre-race, but caffeine will give me cramps or stitches if I consume it mid-race. Are you the same? Do you even know? Test it out on a run to make sure and know which Hüma you’re putting in your pocket when you head out the door.


Note that there is no corn syrup in these gels. My stomach is touchy and can’t handle a whole ton of sugar at once, so it certainly can’t handle corn syrup. If you get side stitches while running, you may be the same. Hüma uses cane juice which sits more comfortably in the GI tract.

(Below is a sample nutritional information taken from their website.)

For a reference, other brands I have since tested:

Vega Sport


Hammer Nutrition

I don't mean to say that these others are terrible, but they don't work for my system. Ultimately, with any race nutrition, trials have to be done. Never hit the start line with a new fuel and NEVER grab fuel at aid stations you haven't tested beforehand! Anna is not smart. Be smarter than Anna. Test everything during your training so you have a chance at smooth races with happy stomachs!

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