Topo Athletic MT-2 Review

Arriving in Victoria for the 2016 Ironman 70.3, I was surprised to discover a trail course for the run (way to read the Athlete Guide, PPAnna). I hadn't put more than about 5 straight miles of running on the MT-2s yet, but I was about to!

I couldn't have been more pleased with the shoe. My feet felt awesome the whole time without a single blister (I'm looking at you, Newton Gravity and Reebok All Terrain). It was as though I had been running in these all along. They deserve a belated review.

The MT-2 was named 2016 Runner's World Best Buy, and with good reason. Breathable, flexible, and grippy without too aggressive a lug, they don't disappoint. With a 3mm drop and little stability, they don't have a break-in period so you can throw those puppies on and get on trail ASAP.


  • 8.5oz/6.8oz weight (male/female)

  • Stack height: 23mm heel/20mm toe

  • Total drop: 3mm

  • Tongue fully gusseted

  • $100.00 USD/$160.00 CAD

The Upper:

The proof is in the details. The light overlays that make the shoe "pretty" with colors are

there for a reason: They keep dust and debris out, reinforce the mesh from abrasions,

and are waterproof. Shallow puddles are no threat to dry toes. Snow slips off the mesh

easily before soaking in to dampen feet. 500 miles in on these without a single tear.


Minimal. This shoe is for the person that wants their feet protected without feeling like the

shoe controls them. You have full ankle rotation, and flexibility (see: Traction) with a tad

bit of cushion. This is no orthopedic shoe.


A comfortable amount if you need it. Not too much, if you don't. This shoe has more than

my favorite in the Topo line (the Runventure) but not so much that it's a drastic difference

to which one needs adjustment time.


Multi-directional lugs = flexibility. This shoe moves and bends with you. The lugs aren't

super prominent so it's not going to handle snow/ice or heavy mud without some slipping,

but it's definitely there. Wet rocks and slippery tree roots have nothing on this grip.

Arch support:

Minimal, which I think it best for flat to regular arches. Since the shoe is so flexible, a major

arch support isn't necessary.


I stand by my love for the Runventures. I love the MT-2s as well, but they do retain water

a bit, and are a tad heavier. They are still a shoe I toss on without question, but can take a

couple days to dry out once soaked.

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