Pumpkin Chai Smoothie

Overloaded with pumpkin yet? The season has just begun!

Post work-out I have a hard time wanting to EAT something, so I prefer drinkable calories. They are quicker for the body to process and easier on the stomach that does flips after a hard sweat session.

Chai concentrate can be found in almost any grocery store, as well as at Costco in bulk. This is not a super sweet smoothie, but you can always add more maple syrup if you have a sweet tooth. I prefer to let the pumpkin do the talking!


This bad boy is packed with vitamin A and calcium. Vitamin A is best from plant sources, as too much from animal sources builds up and can be toxic to the bod!

--> Vitamine A: It plays a vital role in bone growth, reproduction and immune system health. It’s more commonly known to help with vision and neurological functions.

--> Calcium: Besides this mineral helping bone growth/density, it also helps keep heart muscles strong, prevent kidney stones (looking at you, men), and reduces blood pressure if consumed from plant sources.

Calcium deficiency can actually cause weight gain. Get calcium. Calcium good.


My new favorite, seasonal smoothie is as follows:

  • ½ cup pumpkin puree

  • ½ cup yogurt (you can add more ice/milk instead)

  • ½ cup milk alternative

  • ½ cup chai concentrate

  • 1-2 T maple syrup

  • 1tsp pumpkin pie spice/cinnamon

  • 1 scoop protein powder (I use North Coast Naturals Brown Rice or Hemp Protein)

  • 1 t glutamine (optional. I use North Coast Naturals fermented glutamine.)

  • 1 cup ice

Throw in blender. Blend. Drink (ideally out of a glass, not the blender. People look at you weird when you do that, apparently).

Optional: Top with cinnamon and hemp hearts, because they are good for you and look pretty. Really, it's because they look pretty.


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