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Yes. This just happened.

It only took everyone I know for the past 3 years to encourage me to start a blog.

For those of you that stumbled upon my blog out of fitness interests, plant-based interests, or just late-night, haphazard interwebz browsing, welcome!

My name is Anna and I have been a plant-based athlete for three years. It’s a learning process and I am, by no means, an expert. But maybe by posting my successes and failures along the way, I can help you become a better athlete, healthier being, or sweatier generalist. If you’re here for the fitness side and not the fueling side, that’s great, too! My posts will jump between the two, to include race recaps and reviews.

A little background on my lifestyle choice:

My initial reason for going herbivore was for my carbon footprint. Recycling is great, but not eating meat is one of the best ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint. So I did just that. One day, I woke up and decided I was done. I would fuel my bod in a way that made me feel invincible and guilt-free.

Enter: incessant teasing and questioning of my protein intake.

If you're already vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based, you are well-aware of the dietary concerns everyone has for your life without meat.

Suddenly, the stranger at the store is your dietician, your classmate is your doctor, and your family is just plain confused.

You may be plant-powered if you cringe at the following questions and statements:

Where do you get your protein?

Don’t you feel tired all the time?

My friend’s friend was a vegan and he died.

You can’t be an athlete without “REAL” protein.

I could never give up cheese. And fish. And meat.

Don’t you miss (fill in the blank)?

So… like… What do you eat…?

Yes, I have heard all of these things. Over. And over. And over. The very first day of my plant-powered experiment I wanted to cry in a corner. The grocery store was suddenly terrifying and people were so negative. I was told I would fail, never gain muscle, become anemic, and live a sad life. Then I discovered beautiful vegan fare, like Counter Culture in Austin, Texas; and my plant powered life didn't seem so scary anymore.

People fear what they don’t understand. I did, too. Don’t take the remarks personally. They aren’t trying to suck on purpose. They just don’t understand your decision. It’s like when that girl next to you at hot yoga is wearing pants. HOW?! How can you wear PANTS IN HERE?! It’s as hot as HADES and you’re wearing PANTS!? I don’t understand her choice, but she’s rocking it and maybe one day I’ll try pants in hot yoga as well… (No. No I won’t. That’s absurdity.)

So welcome!

I hope I can help you on your health and fitness journey, or at least make you laugh with my health and fitness flops along the way.

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My Journey of Fitness and Fueling

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