Day 5: Western Nova Scotia

August 9, 2020

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August 9, 2020

There's so much history to every single town. So many ghost stories, "first person to..."s , unique inventions. The problem is that in cities, there's SO much of that that it all becomes muddled down and easy to miss.

I think that's my favorite part of visiting rural vi...

August 8, 2020

Can I just tell you how lovely it was to start day 4 clean? I can go 6 days without a shower at home and think nothing of it (you’re welcome for that Anna trivia), but a couple days in a camper and I’m uncomfortable.

Jaggar’s campground is the kind of place that is pack...

August 6, 2020

I wake up with grandiose ideas of relaxing, kicking back at a cidery or winery, and soaking up the sites. I'm beginning to realize that that will never be me.

When it comes to travel, I'm the kind of person that wakes up at 6am and crawls into my hidey-hole at midnight,...

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